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Stephen G. McAllister


For Emergency dial 911

For Non-Emergency call (516) 326-6400

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Established in 1918, the Floral Park Police Department patrols a jurisdiction approximately 1.5 square miles in area, with a population of over 16,000 residents.  The Department, commanded by a Police Commissioner, is comprised of two lieutenants, six sergeants, two detectives and twenty-five police officers.

The principal mission of the Floral Park Police Department is to preserve the rights of citizens through the prevention of crime, protection of persons, property, and the maintenance of order in public places.  The Police Department must anticipate and respond to events that imperil public order and the protection of life and property.  As such, the systematic enforcement of federal, state and local laws is of paramount importance.

In 2009, the Floral Park Police Department responded to approximately 4,859 calls for service, including 939 aided cases, 374 motor vehicle accidents, and 442 assistance calls.  Over 14,330 parking summons were issued in 2009, as well as 1,703 summonses for vehicle and traffic violations.

In 2003, the Floral Park Police Department received a legislative initiative grant to upgrade the in-house computer system.  The new advanced records management system, while offering a comprehensive method of gathering and retrieving data, will significantly enhance the case preparation and arrest procedures.

Traffic study, particularly in a densely populated community such as Floral Park, is a priority, so the Floral Park Police Department, in keeping with the State of New York Governorís Traffic Safety Committee, participates in the Buckle Up New York seat belt initiative, as well as the STOP DWI program.  Through participation in the Buckle Up New York program, safety belt compliance rates have increased from less than 75 percent in 1999 to nearly 90 percent today.  As a result, lives have been saved, and numerous serious injuries have been averted.

A community oriented police department, Floral Park has a bicycle patrol division including a sergeant and six police officers.  The unit, deployed during parades and other community events, is also utilized to augment the general patrol force in areas where specific youth related problems occur on a regular basis.  The community response toward the bicycle patrol has been overwhelmingly positive.

To protect and serve the public has always been the basic credo of the Floral Park Police Department, as well as a desire to instill in the residents of the community a confidence that the quality of life they have come to enjoy will be preserved.


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