Village Code of Floral Park


The Code of the Village of Floral Park is now available on the Internet through the mechanism of E-Code developed by General Code Publisher's Corp. of Rochester, New York.  The information is stored in a Folio InfoBase which provides simple search capabilities through the Code.  To visit the site, simply go to:

E-Code of the Village of Floral Park

Following are a brief set of instructions, supplied by General Code Publisher's Corp, for searching the InfoBase.

Codes on the Internet
Searching the InfoBase

Searching the InfoBase (Using the Query Function)

All text within the Internet InfoBase document is searchable using the Query function, which can be accessed from anywhere within the document.

  • To begin a search, click on the Query Button at the lower left side of the screen.

  • In the "Search For" box, type the word, words or phrases you would like to find.

  • To refine your search:

    1. Key more than one word, leaving a space between each word.  The search results will display segments of text containing all the words keyed in the "Search For" box.  For example, keying the words "contractors licenses fees" will find segments of text containing all three terms.

    2. Key more than on word, placing either the word "or" or a "|" symbol between each word (i.e. powers or duties, powers | duties).  The search results will display segments of text containing each of the words as found separately in the document.

    3. Use quotation marks to identify a precise phrase to be found within the document.  For instance, key "handicapped parking" to find places in the text where the exact phrase is used.

    4. Use an asterisk to do a wildcard search.  For example, key "salar*" to locate variations of the word salary (i.e. salary, salaries, salaried, etc.)

  • Click on the Search Button to activate the document query.
    [Note: There are two Search Buttons on this screen.  Use either one to begin search]

  • Once the search has been processed, look at the "Results Map" box.  It will display the number of places within the text containing the search terms which have been keyed in the "Search For" box.

  • Below the "Results Map" box, changeable "Display Options" are available.  Choose one of the three options by clicking on the box beside each choice.

  • Three viewing options are available:

  1. Go directly to those locations within the document where the search terms can be found by clicking and marking the box next to the "Records with Hits only" option.  Click the "Document" button at the top of the screen to go to the first "hit".

  2. View only a list of headings of the locations within the document containing the search terms by clicking and marking the box next to the "Headings with Hits" option.  The list that appears can be expanded or contracted by either clicking on the level-heading number bar above the list, or by clicking on the "+" (expand) or "-" (contract) signs next to each heading.  The numbers to the left of each heading represent the number of instances where the search terms can be found within that segment of the document.
    View the headings list by clicking once on the "Contents" button at the top of the screen.  The search terms are identified in the listing by left- and right-pointing arrow markers.  Link to a chosen segment of text by double-clicking on that heading.

  3. Within the list of headings, view more of the text around each search term (giving a more detailed sense of context for that segment of the document) by choosing the "Words Around Hits" option.  Within this  choice, the user can also choose how many words should be displayed by changing the number value in the "Words" box to the right of the option.

[Note: To properly execute the query, always press the "Search" button before clicking on either the "Document" or "Contents" buttons.]

  • Once inside the document, click on the "Next Hit" button to go to the next mention of the search term.  Click on the "Previous Hit" button to return to the search term in the previous record.
    [Note: Clicking on the "Previous or "Next" buttons will navigate the user to the previous or next page in the document, which may or may not contain a search hit.]

  • To clear the highlighted search items while in the InfoBase document, click on the "Clear Query" button.
    [Note: Clicking on the "Clear Query" button on the Query page will clear the search terms for the "Search For" box to allow new words to be keyed in  for another search.]

  • To return form anywhere within the InfoBase document to the Query search listing of headings, click on the "Contents" button.

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